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We believe that you are reading these words on purpose and that this journey of personal reflection has come into your life at the perfect time. Our greatest desire is that you would give yourself the gift of making time to explore and investigate the most important subject you could make time for...YOU.

You can expect to have thought provoking opportunities to take ownership, to be empowered and to reconnect with your personal purpose. As you look at the many areas of your own life you will be able to identify hidden beliefs, uncover unhealed wounds and experience deep forgiveness and self love. 

The My Agreements with Me for Believers workbook is a collection of 52 Bible Study Lessons to apply the principles of the Word. 
Co-Authored by Ray Tuggle, Sylvia Castillo and Desiree Duran.


In this 52 Lesson journey, we will introduce a lesson which will include:


  • A Values Principle - This will serve as the foundation of our learning and will provide an explanation around a belief and/or a behavior including a chain of reasoning. You will be able to define your principles or standards of behavior as well as assess your judgment of what is important in life.

  • Bible Scripture - Each lesson will include Bible scripture which will give context and meaning to the principles of the Word, so that they can be applied to your life. Whenever possible read and reference your Bible.

  • Explanations - Why, What, How and What If will be answered in each Lesson. Why is it important? What does it mean, How can you apply it to your life and, What If you did? How would your life be impacted or changed?

  • The Greatest Questions to Ask - In each lesson, you will be prompted with three questions that will invite you to examine and explore different areas of your life to gain insight and direction. We recommend that you journal your answers.

  • Belief Builder - Belief builders are exercises which will enrich your experience, develop yourself-awareness and strengthen your character.




*Same great workbook, two styles available


Read each Lesson all the way through, use the notes section or journal to write down "AHA's or epiphanies" you might have. Go back to the Scripture in the Lesson and reference your Bible to gain understanding and clarity about what you are learning. Journal on the Greatest Questions and complete the Belief Builder exercises. Ask yourself, "How is this relevant to my life?" and "What is this teaching me about myself and the word of God?"

The Authors


Ray Tuggle 
Human Services Counselor and Certified Christian 
Life Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mental Emotional Release Therapy (MER), and
Hypnotherapy. Ray is a proud father of three beautiful children and three grandsons who call him "Papa Tugs."
He is also a retired military veteran of 26 years.


Sylvia Castillo
Founder and creator of SerenitysWay 
and Author of 
My Agreements with Me.
Sylvia is passionate about making a difference for those who are ready for change in their lives and in their lineage. She and her husband Steve love spending time with their four beautiful children, their amazing grandchildren 
and their beloved 
goldendoodle Jake. 


 Desireé Duran
Founder and creator of 
L.O.V.E Women's Ministry
(Ladies of Virtue & Excellence)
Desiree has a heart to  empower with the 
Holy Spirit, disciple, 
encourage, love and teach 
women how to be transformed by the renewing of their mind with
the word of God. She lives in CO with her two daughters and her two legged boy Bleu.

The Vision & Mission

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