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Change your thinking, change your life ...

It's true. When you change your thinking, you will change your life. It's so simple and yet it may be one of the the most challenging things you will ever do. It's easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, what's popular and what society says we should be doing.

We also have our history and we get caught up in thinking that "It's just the way it is". It's not true. It's not just the way it is. You are capable of making major changes in your life and living in peace and not fear. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled.

Your soul knows, and try as you might to cover it up and put on a smile, the truth lies within you and you can feel the difference between thriving and dying on the inside.

There is a domestic violence shelter that I've given my time to, it's an emergency shelter and my message is always. "I'm SO glad you're here". I know that sometimes it takes feeling like you're living in hell to make a change. And, at that point, of almost giving up, great things are possible.

Our "My Agreements with Me for Believers" workbook is full of so many opportunities to investigate your thinking and heal from wounds and traumas that so many of us carry.

Acknowledging that it is time for change is the first step in taking deliberate action for yourself. Aren't you ready for a new or different experience of life? I promise you that if you are tired, broken and/or ready to quit, there is more for you. I know because I've been there.

If you don't like the word God, I want you to do this study

If you don't believe in God or a higher source, I want you to do this study

If you believe in God or a higher source, I want you to do this study

If you think you know it all and you're closed off and not open to anything,

I want you to do this study

If you think there is no book that could possibly make a difference in your life,

I want you to do this study

If you don't know what you believe, I want you to do this study

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

My Agreements with me for Believers:

52 Lessons for a more empowered life

and a deeper relationship with God

Lesson 1 Life Inventory & LifeMap Blueprint - Without direction and purpose, you can find yourself living in a whirlwind of drama and challenges. When you live by principles and values, you are able to perform a Life Inventory to assess where we can create a LifeMap Blueprint that will change the direction and trajectory of your life.

Lesson 2 Above the Line Thinking - Your long held beliefs are driving your thoughts, which ultimately dictate the experiences you have in your life. Learn where you get stuck and how your thinking is an obstacle for what you say you want.

Lesson 3 Breaking the Chains of Bondage - It is impossible to move beyond what is, while still hanging on to the past and unforgiveness. Forgiveness is necessary and you will stay in the past until you make time to do your forgiveness work.

Lesson 4 SMART Goals for the Authentic You - By getting crystal clear about WHAT you want, WHY it’s important to you and HOW you are willing to show up for yourself differently to get there- this is the process of deliberate creation for change and transformation in your life. Lesson 5 Your Relationship with Your Word - As you begin to use you heart and vision as a guide-post for making decisions in your life, there will be opportunities to see where you can improve in the area of making commitments with yourself and others. Lesson 6 Understanding Motivations- Learn about the reality of a protected heart and how it disrupts your life. It plays out in our homes and in our lives as arguments, chaos, disease, ailments, fights, war, depression, addiction and suicide. Identify your deep motivations. Lesson 7 Authentic Listening- Taking time to explore authentic listening will help you resolve conflicts. Any time that we have the idea or thought that “I already know what you’re going to say” – we have diminished the opportunity to understand and engage in “Authentic Listening”. Lesson 8 Experiencing Deep Forgiveness- It’s so easy to write people off, place blame and point fingers. True forgiveness sees inward at the hurt caused to another and commits to a new way of being. There is no tricking the soul. One cannot move out of forgiveness while still causing harm to others. Completely transform your perception with forgiveness work. Lesson 9 Defining My Integrity- Create a personal mission statement to define your integrity. Lesson 10 A Sacred Commitment with Yourself- The Promise is to yourself. To make the focus of your attention on you. Not in a selfish kind of way. When you resolve to heal yourself first, then you experience others from a completely different place. Lesson 11 The Power of Words- Reacting and responding are very different ways of approaching a conversation, challenge or situation. Being grounded and mindful allows you to choose your response to any situation. The willingness to own your internal environment will create incredible results in your life. Lesson 12 The Words We Use- Words have the power to create, the power to heal, the power to forgive and accept, and equally there is a power to shame, blame, hurt, manipulate, deify and destroy. When you understanding the power of programming, you will unlock the mystery of self-sabotage. Lesson 13 A Rule for Communication- Rumors and gossip keep you from being the absolute best version of yourself. It is a test of our personal integrity and character to stay open and honest. When you use a tool for clear, honest and meaningful communication, your relationships will prosper. Lesson 14 Not Taking Things Personally- You see through your own filter, and no one else is responsible for the way you interpret life. Discover the Drama Triangle and the part you play in it and determine if that is a place you want to remain in. Lesson 15 Conscious Compassion- Love and Forgiveness are alchemy. Together, they will transform conditions, sentences, diagnosis, challenges and any other ailment that is ready to be healed. The willingness to understand and extend compassion is transformational. Lesson 16 Returning to Your Vision- As you continue to return to a vision that is pulling you to grow and become, you are able to reveal and heal the parts of yourself that you hide. Continue to return to a vision that is pulling you to grow and become. Lesson 17 Connection Over Controversy​- We can honor the space of all people and at the same time make a conscious choice to not operate or spend our life’s energy on people and circumstances that do not support our highest vision. Understanding generational drama brings clarity and the courage to change.

Lesson 18 A Lesson In Leadership- When you decide to be a leader of yourself, you activate the witness. It is from this place that you are able to observe without judgement. Always seeking to understand. When you apply this perspective to your own personal life, you are able to shed light for continued growth. Lesson 19 Understanding the 3R's -When you are in resentment, resistance or revenge, it is easy to justify behaviors that may be completely out of alignment with your True nature. Heal the destruction of the 3R's with the 3C's. Lesson 20 Assuming and Story Writing- Change your negative patterning, thought processes and behaviors that are running on auto-pilot. Make conscious choices to notice contradictions that you will learn and grow from. Lesson 21 Notice What You're Noticing- Learn how to effectively listen to your innermost thoughts so that you can respond with clarity and confidence. Lesson 22 Relationships - Authentic Exploration- Acknowledge experiences in such a way that invites you to be open, honest, humble and personally responsible.

Lesson 23 Connection Over Controversy- How you plan, plant, cultivate and nurture your life is in direct proportion to what you will or will not harvest as results in your life. Lesson 24 Conscious Conversations- Deepen in your own personal accountability, and learn how assumptions, silence and manipulation are at the root of miscommunication and controversy. Lesson 25 Mindful Communication- It is your own personal responsibility to to make sure that what you are expressing outwardly matches what you are feeling internally. When you mask, cover up or contradict your unspoken truth, it creates anxiety and inner conflict. Lesson 26 Perfect Self-Expression- Internal joy comes from the inside and when you are ready to follow your desires instead of filling the void with external things, you will be stepping into the most authentic version of yourself. Lesson 27 Becoming the Witness- Becoming the witness will allow you notice how much power is gained by living in the present moment. Lesson 28 Discipline and Commitment- Your discipline and commitment determine whether or not you get what you say you want AND once you understand the nature of being obedient to your vision, you will create more than you thought was possible. Lesson 29 Restoration and Transformation- The words "I AM" are the most important words you could speak and everything you say after them will either be for or against you. When you look to yourself and your creator for strength, there is great power here. Lesson 30 Effective Use of Time- It is up to you to determine what you will give your time and attention to and it is up to you to protect the life that you have said yes to. Lesson 31 Commit and Recommit - Life will inevitably give you experiences that are out of your control and yet it up to you to determine what and how they will have significance on your life. You can either use them to negatively define you or to empower a greater story of courage and awakening. Lesson 32 Defining Success- As you lean into your own personal growth and transformation, you get to do the best you can as defined by you. Lesson 33 Self-Care starts with God and Me- There would be no way for you to know what you are missing until you make a conscious decision to start with God. Understanding how self-care starts with God will transform your body, mind and Spirit. Lesson 34 Self Awareness Assessment- It is a critical piece of self awareness to be able to look at or into a situation and say "I allowed that". When I love, honor and nurture myself I still need to be able to take responsibility and accountability for the part that I have played or continue to play- good, bad, right or wrong.

Lesson 35 Tools for Transformation- Being able to recognize where I am operating from gives me information as to whether or not I am on track. We consistently and purposefully revisit tools that are essential to our transformation. Lesson 36 Healthy Boundaries- When you respectfully own your power, you can maintain authentic relationships that are built on mutual respect. Create healthy boundaries from a heart centered place and without making others wrong. Lesson 37 The Right Questions- Wherever you are operating from, whatever that tendency is, that determines how much of the unlimited supply of good will flow to and through you and you will attract to yourself what is equal to or in alignment with it. The kind of questions you ask yourself are imperative. Lesson 38 Your Empowered Self- If you don't believe you can, you can't. As you make small and mindful changes - who you become in the process is limitless. Lean into discomfort and create an empowered sense of self. Lesson 39 Believe It to See It- Where desire meets intention, vision becomes reality. What is yours to do? When you become clear about what is yours to do, when you bring certainty to your desire, it will become your reality. Lesson 40 Leaving Your Contribution- When you decide what is worthy of you, when you accept your value and the gifts of Spirit that are uniquely yours- you will leave your imprint on this world. Whether it is one person or one million people, what you leave as your legacy and how you will be remembered is in your hands. Lesson 41 In Service to Others- When the gift of your compassion blesses another life because of your ability to empathize with their pain or challenge with personal experience- your service cannot be substituted. It is an immeasurable gift that returns to you in unexpected and powerful ways. Lesson 42 Giving and Receiving- There is a law of circulation that is always in motion. Just as the blood that flows through our bodies to pump the heart and keep us alive, there is also a flow in giving and receiving. Knowing how this shows up in our day to day lives is imperative to our success and wellbeing. Lesson 43 Mindfulness - Staying the Course- Be impeccable with your word. Don't take things personally, Don't assume anything and remember to do the best you can. When you stay the course, you will change your life. Lesson 44 Radical Inclusion- It takes radical inclusion to be able to create a world where we are all important and where no one is left out. Where everyone matters and we are all equal. When you approach others with genuine interest, you will change the outcome of that interaction. Lesson 45 Intentional Living- Being able to respond instead of react is a quality that will improve over time as you make it a point to create new and different results in your life. Lesson 46 Choosing Yes for your life- When you are able to trust God, trust yourself, and listen to the inner voice (Holy Spirit) you can put God first, then yourself and still be able to show up for others. Learning how to practice Choosing Yes for Your Life will help you with being your most authentic self.

Lesson 47 What You Declare- When you are done waiting and you declare that you will live as your authentic self, to express and share as only you can, opportunities will reveal themselves to you. Lesson 48 Your Next Step- When new found ideas and knowledge inspire and impact the rest of your life, the greatest opportunity you have is to influence others and to be a light unto the world. Let your light shine for others to see. Lesson 49 A Message for You- There is such peace in knowing, owning and claiming our wholeness. When we reach that place in our lives, we will move beyond any doubt and confusion about the what we are going to create and who will be on the journey with us. Lesson 50 Your New Vision- What will you deliberately create when you are no longer willing to compromise your personal integrity. When you give thanks for every circumstance, you will move into every tomorrow with a new found Yes for life.

Lesson 51 Playing Win/Win- There is no arrival in this game of life. There will always be opportunities for growth from wherever you are. As you continue to be proactive, to look for solutions and to be supportive of others, you live in a place of true choice that empowers your life and all of the lives you touch. Lesson 52 Keep Growing- Use your resources. There are so many amazing people in this world who can offer direction, feedback, clarity, insight and support. Remember to be with people that hold you accountable and do what gives you life.

Lead yourself and your family with purpose

The "My Agreements with Me for Believers" workbook is an incredible resource and tool. Each lesson includes a values principle that serves as a foundation for learning as well as Bible scripture which will give context and meaning to the principles of the Word, so that they can be applied to your life. Also included are Explanations as to what each lesson means, why it's important and how it will impact your life.

In each lesson you will be prompted with questions that will invite you to examine and explore different areas of your life to gain insight and direction and Belief Builders which will enrich your experience, develop your self-awareness and strengthen your character-

and your relationship with yourself and your family.


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