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Marriage is a vocation designed for us to experience holiness. It teaches us to be less selfish and more loving, generous and mature. It allows each person to be responsible for and to another human being—and it is an intimate opportunity to practice extending mercy and grace while exemplifying the unconditional love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. 
When we treat our marriage as sacred, as God intended for us, no man can separate what He ordained. 

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In Lesson 31 you will have the opportunity to learn about the difference between a God-centered Commitment and a Self-Centered commitment. We will talk about Spiritual Authority and Alignment and why the covenant of marriage should be held as sacred. We discuss what becoming Godly in your marriage looks like and we will also pray for your marriage. This lesson will bless your marriage. 




Stay tuned! We are working on a marriage workbook for the Spring of 2024!

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