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"I LOVE your My Agreements Journey podcasts....sincerely and truly love them. The podcasts have been invaluable as I continue to learn and grow on my journey of self improvement. Each and every week, the podcasts provide an opportunity to learn, reflect, and apply something new or to help me "stay on track"

Why would someone want to read the My Agreements with Me book? I say "why wouldn't you"?!! I can't wait! You speak from your heart and soul in your podcasts and your book is the same - relatable, real, heartfelt, experiential...

What would someone have to gain or benefit from joining the My Agreements with Me journey? Everything! Each and every week provides a new area of opportunity for growth. I have gone back and listened to some of them a 2nd or 3rd time and each time there is something new that I learn or pick up on. Something new that I can reflect on and apply. I continue to learn that growth and opportunity start with ME and your podcasts help me to identify and realize this. It helps me take what I learn and apply it to myself and my life."


Laura W

"My personal experience has been that my agreements with myself are the areas of my life in which I struggle the most. I'm great at keeping agreements with others. My "look good" program (or general pride and vanity) is too strong for me to not keep my agreements with others. However letting myself down is something I am all-too-intimately acquainted with. Any tool that allows me to shift that paradigm to actually SHOW UP for myself is always welcome."


Terri W

"The My Agreements with Me Journey is just that, it's a beautiful journey toward ownership, empowerment, and healing at the soul level. The wisdom from each contributor magically shines a light on our hidden places and reminds us of the power we all have within us to choose to make new agreements with ourselves despite the ones we made in the past."


Audrey M


Rodd J

“Sylvia offers a unique perspective toward personal growth as well as emotional and spiritual health. She invites individuals to a place of discovery within themselves that delivers self-awareness and wisdom. Whether your choice is to read her book or Embark on the My Agreements with Me Journey, you will undoubtedly reconnect with your personal purpose and find a renewed passion for spiritual wholeness.”

"My journey with My Agreements With Me has invoked a sense of grace, within myself. I have taken a step back and looked inward at many areas of my own life. Being authentic and vulnerable with this work allowed me to look at areas I carried shame from my past... like being a victim of child abuse, domestic violence, having a child in prison, etc. I was able to look deeper and see how I am 100% responsible for my life now. I also, dived deeper into understanding forgiveness and how to break the lineage of the past, so that cycle stops with me. It has been a "process" and one I embrace. Sylvia has a way with her writing and her messages that makes one feel safe to look inward and create change. Amazing and transformational work!!!"


Darla E

“Sylvia’s courageous willingness to self-reflect and share her learnings gives her the super power to tenderly support others as they expand and enrich their own lives. Sylvia’s approach is caring, encouraging and uplifting. She can do it. You can do it. We can do it!”


Deanne D

"It’s important no matter where you are in your journey to have a daily spiritual practice that will increase awareness and keep momentum/expansion moving. Sylvia’s book is poignant and profound. Her writing will help you dive deep into your soul work and support you lovingly and truthfully on your path. It will give you thought provoking guidance and support every week."


Jessica J

"This book is very empowering! Anyone wanting to take charge of their life (and thoughts) would feel supported by this book. It is a refreshing perspective on responsibility! The video/podcast is very nurturing and tender, supporting the My Agreements with Me book. The conversations are filled with incredible insights and tools to take responsibility for one’s life journey."


Laura J

"This has been one of the MOST thought provoking inner truth experiences I have had the pleasure to be a part of. A good friend in WI is also on The Journey with the video podcast, and the conversations we have about what is revealed to us has set us free in ways that feels truly liberating! A MUST experience if you truly want to grow from within out"


Sande C

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