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My Agreements with Me for Believers 

WELCOME!! We are SO excited that YOU are here and we want to share all of the ways that we will be able to support you on this journey! PLEASE take advantage of the resources! They will be valuable and provide insight and clarity for the workbook lessons.

We highly recommend that you schedule time to study and to be in the Word of God. It's important and it will benefit and transform your life. The first four lessons are foundational and they will be referenced all throughout the book. We recommend that you complete them in their entirety. If you have questions, please reach out on FB or from the contact us page here on the website. 

This study is ideally set up to be completed in 1-year; however, we know that life happens and it’s more important that you take your time and allow God to lead you day by day and week by week. It's at your pace however be mindful if you've gone several weeks without being in your workbook- that's a reminder to get back on track. 

Challenge yourself. BE steady! BE disciplined! BE purposeful! BE diligent! BE Open! And BE Committed! And lastly, BE joyful! Have fun, and remember how you do anything is how you do everything.
Do something different. No pressure. No expectations. Just continued growth, step by step and lesson by lesson.

Get the Workbook

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This is a resource site for participants to land on in order to find

instructions, tutorials, testimonies, prayers, songs, tips/nuggets, etc. 

Each lesson has its own playlist so you can easily find the content you are looking for. 

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Join Our FaceBook Community

We have created a FB page for everyone to utilize to build a community of support around this study. It is a fluid source for questions to be answered and people to connect via lessons learned, testimonials and wisdom shared. You will also find instructions, testimonies, tip/nuggets, prices paid, and food for thought.

Be sure to review the Featured Posts!

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Join us on zoom for study

Every 1st Monday of the month will still be in-person/zoom meeting.
Every Meeting will be: OPEN FORUM to provide an opportunity for [ SHARES ] and [ LEARNINGS ].
Reason: We believe this format will allow for more dialogue with all who participate. Because when someone "shares" or provides an experience or "learning" everyone benefits, to include us.
In addition, it provides an opportunity to invite anyone from any lesson to ask questions,

elaborate and dive deeper from a multitude of people.
Lastly, we will be putting out every Tuesday "Additional Bible References to allow individuals to dive deeper into God's Word to share and ask questions in this forum to grow deeper with understanding.
One of the questions that came up during our intro meeting was the following question. "How do I know if it's God's will or mine for my vision list?" We challenge you to ponder this question and seek God's guidance as you work through your vision list. *Remember to take your time and do what you can organically. You may have to put your list on a shelf and through time allow it to grow.
With all this said, we will be prepared to discuss what each of you are learning, as well as be available to answer any questions you may have. We will be prepared to elaborate on the provided scriptures or additional ones you may find along the way.

Your My Agreements with Me for Believers Team

Our goal is to help you through this process as much as we have within our means.

We are so glad that YOU are here!!

Empower Growth

We encourage you to have an accountability partner

and to grow in community. Please share! 

Lesson 1 Life Inventory & LifeMap Blueprint

Lesson 2 Above the Line Thinking

Lesson 3 Breaking the Chains of Bondage

Lesson 4 SMART Goals for the Authentic You

Lesson 5 Your Relationship with Your Word

Lesson 6 Understanding Motivations

Lesson 7 Authentic Listening

Lesson 8 Experiencing Deep Forgiveness

Lesson 9 Defining My Integrity

Lesson 10 A Sacred Commitment with Yourself

Lesson 11 The Power of Words

Lesson 12 The Words We Use

Lesson 13 A Rule for Communication

Lesson 14 Not Taking Things Personally

Lesson 15 Conscious Compassion

Lesson 16 Returning to Your Vision

Lesson 17 Connection Over Controversy

Lesson 18 A Lesson In Leadership

Lesson 19 Understanding the 3R's

Lesson 20 Assuming and Story Writing

Lesson 21 Notice What You're Noticing

Lesson 22 Relationships - Authentic Exploration

Lesson 23 Connection Over Controversy

Lesson 24 Conscious Conversations

Lesson 25 Mindful Communication

Lesson 26 Perfect Self-Expression

Lesson 27 Becoming the Witness

Lesson 28 Discipline and Commitment

Lesson 29 Restoration and Transformation

Lesson 30 Effective Use of Time

Lesson 31 Commit and Recommit

Lesson 32 Defining Success

Lesson 33 Self-Care starts with God and Me

Lesson 34 Self Awareness Assessment


Lesson 35 Tools for Transformation

Lesson 36 Healthy Boundaries

Lesson 37 The Right Questions

Lesson 38 Your Empowered Self

Lesson 39 Believe It to See It

Lesson 40 Leaving Your Contribution

Lesson 41 In Service to Others

Lesson 42 Giving and Receiving

Lesson 43 Mindfulness - Staying the Course

Lesson 44 Radical Inclusion

Lesson 45 Intentional Living

Lesson 46 Practicing the Pause

Lesson 47 What You Declare

Lesson 48 Your Next Step

Lesson 49 A Message for You

Lesson 50 Your New Vision

Lesson 51 Playing Win/Win

Lesson 52 Keep Growing

Workbook Preview 

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