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Lesson 1


Lesson 1 is all about your vision, we highly recommend you complete the first Lesson in its entirety without skipping ahead. This is a foundational lesson that will be referred back to throughout this book. So the first 4 lessons are foundational and we suggest you do them in order. For the additional lessons, complete them in order or fit them in as you see fit. In addition, don’t rush it, this is study is meant to complete in 1-year; however, it’s more important you take your time and allow yourself time and God to lead you day by day, week by week. In the YouTube video for Lesson 1, we talked about a few options for filling out your future vision as well as chunking down the Life Vision List. Here are those examples if you would like to take a closer look.


In order to help you discover God's vision for your life we suggest the following tips:1. Create a list of 125 vision list items you’ve always wanted to BE, always wanted to DO, and always wanted to HAVE. Who do you want to BE immediately, 90 days, 1 year, 5 years from now, etc.? What do you want to DO immediately, 90 days, 1 year, 5 years from now, etc.? What do you want to HAVE immediately, 90 days, 1 year, 5 years from now, etc.? This will help you to"jump start" your imagination, dreams and aspirations. If you need examples, click the link below for a man who made his vision list of 127 items and accomplished to date 109 of them.

Very impressive!​2. If you get stuck or if it’s easier to assemble your vision list using the four quadrants do so:

Contribution & Spiritual


Career & Education

Love & Relationship 

Once, you’ve completed your list of 125 items organize them by BE, DO and HAVE and then by when you see yourself accomplishing them:Immediatelywithin 1 yearwithin 90 dayswithin 3 yearswithin 5 yearswithin 10 yearswithin 20 years, etc.(See photo above) 

Next tip, is to realize your vision has a formula. In order for it to work properly, you must follow the sequence of BE, DO and HAVE. For every vision list item, ask yourself “WHY" do I want to BE this, DO this, or HAVE this. This will truly tell if it is from the heart (within) vs what someone else wants for you, or if it's you convincing yourself its a good thing. Remember when you get in to touch with your true "emotions" that come from what you believe (about you); it's then that you are fueled with your truest "internal octane" that ignites your most vulnerable and honest... thoughts, attitudes, actions and behaviors.

Our Beliefs 'values' (trigger) ----> Our Thinking 'programs and habits' which (trigger) ----> Our Attitude which (trigger) ----> Our Behaviors 'what we do' which (produces) ----> Our RESULTS!

So what we believe about ourselves really matters. Who do you want to BE in this life? It is way more impacting & fulfilling than what you'll ever DO first? Note: Harvard conducted a study that proved it wasn't their graduates skills or talent that proved successful, but rather it was their attitude that made all the difference. Trust the process.

How will you know when you are NOT working towards your vision? It is when you aren’t accomplishing your vision list items or you've strayed away from a BE, DO and HAVE mentality. Because if you truly WANTED to BE, DO and HAVE something you’d have it. Instead, you’ve more than likely allowed yourself to 'believe' more in the obstacles and excuses than what you actually desired, or you would have it.

Remember these are your dreams and aspirations for your vision. Pray and Meditate on it. Get excited about it and only do it when you are able to truly tap into your imagination free from stress or external distractions. Otherwise, you are faking it to make it!!!

Ask yourself, do my BELIEFS in my dream and aspirations (vision) align with my behaviors and attitudes? If not, what needs to change? This is where your journaling will come in. Take time to reflect on the excitement you felt while making your list.

DO NOT move on to the next lesson without completing this lesson of your 125 items. It is that valuable!!! We will be revisiting this list throughout our 52 lessons. This 1 lesson will say more about you and your life than you can imagine.Remember,

"The richest place on Earth is not Dubai or some wealthy destination, it is the "graveyard," for every book never written, every song never sung, every love never known, every promise never kept, every talent never discovered, every risk never ventured, etc., that died with each person." - anonymous

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