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Thank you for the likes, follows and support! I read the comments to David and he enjoys hearing from you! 

(There's more below if you want to learn more about us)

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David was diagnosed with Disorganized Schizophrenia in his 20's and had been in our moms care his entire life. When mom passed away in Sept 2021 I chose step in and make sure he would not be displaced; put in a home or end up homeless... we've been managing and doing pretty good to make sure that he is okay and has what he needs. 

I started recording David to share with family some of the things I was dealing with, and somewhere in the process David gained a few admirers. 

I created this page with hashtags of #mentalillnessawareness and #schizoprenia because that is what is real for us. 

People have asked how I've been able to support David, honestly it's because I want to help. It's not his fault that he's the way he is. I have what I would call "conscious compassion" and I work really hard to have mindful communication and to be authentic and transparent.
I wrote a book to help others, and that helps me help David as well. I'd love for you to check it out. 

More about us... I've often wondered if it's possible that Schizophrenia is a protective measure and that maybe it was just safer for David to be in his own world rather than to deal with pain of our realityWe grew up with domestic violence as a way of life, being in a loving, nurturing and supportive environment was not our experience at all… We lived in motel after motel, and after every beating and call to the police, our mom swore she would not go back. Of course the “I’m sorry’s” and “I’ll be better” conversations always won. We spent twelve years in that cycle of physical and emotional abuse- David stayed with mom and then with her next alcoholic husband and I swore that I would never be with someone who would do that to me and that would never happen to me. And then it did. The book I'm asking you to check out and the work that's in it, saved my life. Taking 100% responsibility for my life (and now David's too) making time to look at my negative patterns, my relationships and my self talk... it changed me and if you're still reading this... and if you have unresolved pain, regret or shame or want to create new and/or different results in your life, it could help you too. I'd love to help you and you can always reach out directly at

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