What will you change in you?

 every day gives us an opportunity to practice

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If there is any part of you that desires a new or different experience or perspective, you are invited to you read this book.

Each chapter/lesson of the "My Agreements with Me" book gives you the opportunity to explore an area of your life. In lesson 1 we will create a LifeMap Blueprint that will give you clarity and direction. In lesson 5 we will look at your relationship with your word to uncover areas of opportunity so that you can improve in the area of making commitments with yourself and others. You will define success, explore tools for transformation, become a witness to your own behavior and over the course of 52 lessons you will decide and declare to keep your attention on your goal and vision, and you will proceed with clarity and purpose toward a life that you intended and designed.

The journey of growth and transformation lasts a lifetime. It is up to each one of us to determine who we will become and how we will create the life we desire to have. I hope you will give yourself the gift of joining us on the journey~

Conscious Conversations


The My Agreements with Me video podcasts are an invaluable resource that will add to the experience of each Lesson in the book. Each conversation will provide and opportunity to learn, reflect and apply something new or to help you "stay on track".

You will find that the conversations are relatable, real, heartfelt and experiential. You will continue to learn that growth and opportunity start with YOU and the video podcasts will help you identify and realize this. It's great to know that you can take what you're learning and actually apply it to yourself and your life. Click HERE to watch on YouTube.