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What in your life are you ready to transform?

every day gives you an opportunity to practice

We are SO excited that you are here and we know without a doubt that if you plug into this journey; commit to engage in the study and exercises, and stay the course until the end- your life will be positively impacted in important, powerful, and immeasurable ways. 

This journey will encourage you to strengthen your integrity, it will invite you to sharpen your commitment to your word, it will inspire you to increase your level of self-discipline and embrace your relationship with yourself and God. If you intend to have results, and make positive and lasting changes, you will need to leave your excuses at the door and move beyond self judgment and limiting beliefs. And, when you are finished, you will meet an incredible version of yourself that is wiser, more compassionate, committed and deliberate than you may have ever been. And for that we are so grateful and extremely excited for you! 



The My Agreements with Me for Believers workbook is an incredible resource and tool to further deepen your experience. Each Lesson includes a Values Principle that serves as a foundation for learning as well as Bible Scripture which will give context and meaning to the principles of the Word, so that they can be applied to your life. Also included are Explanations as to what each lesson means, why it's important and how it will impact your life. In each lesson you will be prompted with three questions that will invite you to examine and explore different areas of your life to gain insight and direction and Belief Builders which will enrich your experience, develop your self-awareness and strengthen your character. 

Conscious Conversations


The My Agreements with Me video podcasts are an invaluable resource that will add to the experience of each Lesson in the book. Each conversation will provide an opportunity to learn, reflect and apply something new or to help you "stay on track".

You will find that the conversations are relatable, real, heartfelt and experiential. You will continue to learn that growth and opportunity start with YOU and the video podcasts will help you identify and realize this. It's great to know that you can take what you're learning and actually apply it to yourself and your life. Click HERE to watch on YouTube.

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