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It’s true, we all have challenges… and as much as we attempt to cover up, mask, medicate, tolerate and pretend… they are still there. Challenges of all kinds and proportions, and depending on our perspective and how we handle them- determines how much control they have in our lives.

Sometimes we make them bigger than they need to be and sometimes it is all we can do to just let go.

I was having one of those moments where I was literally about to lose my mind. This particular situation was outside of my control and I wanted so bad to be able to control it or make it go away and I couldn’t do either. I stopped in my tracks and asked God for guidance.

Literally in tears in an attempt to release the anger and judgement that had me all wrapped up, these were the words that came pouring out on my paper. I immediately felt better after writing this piece, it changed everything for me, reading it shifted my energy and allowed me to gain a new perspective.

Flowers MAWM4Believers Workbook  Lesson 1-35 (2).png
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