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We are SO glad that YOU are here!! 
This is a personal journey between you, God, and anyone else you determine to join you- we do hope that you work on this journey in community with at least one other person, and a circle of friends would be even better. 
It is 52 lessons and not weeks. We created it to be ideally completed over a 1-year period; however, we know that may be difficult. Do what you can—take notice of any obstacles and reasons that prevent you from sticking with it.
We suggest you journal, meditate, and pray on it. Take what you will and leave the rest. The book has a place for you to "sign" saying you are committed to finishing, and we hope you do finish. That could be in 52 weeks as written or whenever you are able. No pressure, no expectations. Our only recommendation is to accomplish the first 4 lessons in order as these are foundational and will be referenced throughout the study. We realize "life" will not always permit a week-by-week commitment on your part; however, this will also tell you where your biases, programs and level of commitment show up. Use the lesson menu below for each lesson of your workbook. 

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Real Talk

*In each Lesson, you will find all of the resources outlined in the image above.
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When you utilize the workbook along with these resources, you will create lasting and undeniable results! 

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