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Creating a Vision for Your Life

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

What is a Life Inventory & LifeMap Blueprint? It’s a VISION for your LIFE!

This journey with “My Agreements with Me for Believers” is a spiritual journey that all begins with you as an individual. It is a tangible agreement with yourself and “source” for spiritual people, and with “God” for religious and faith-based people. Regardless of your belief, it starts with you and your word. So, what is the vision for your life? We don’t know. Only you and God know that.

How can this lesson help you figure that out? In this lesson we will take you through a reflective journey of 1) where you’ve been 2) where you are and 3) where you want to go, by challenging you to “ponder, reflect and inventory” your life in its entirety. In order to determine your vision, we will begin by cataloging your BE, DO and HAVE of the different areas of your life such as spirituality/contribution, health/wealth, career/education, and love/relationships. Ultimately, we will help you to establish your vision list for your life. However, we can’t do it for you. Self-will is our greatest super-power. It’s not the power but what we do with this power.

“Four crows are sitting on a branch, and one decides to fly away. How many are left?” – The answer is 4. Deciding to do something and actually doing it, are two different things.

How will you know if you are truly ready to start this study? If you answer “YES” to any of the following questions, then were are glad that you are here and this study is for you!!!

· Are you playing small?

· Do you support and serve everyone else?

· Are you tired, exhausted or ready for change?

· Do you often allow everyone else to dictate the who, what, when, where and how for your life?

· Are you unsure about your life’s purpose?

· Do you doubt yourself or your abilities?

· Do you feel unfulfilled or empty?

· Do you find yourself frustrated, upset or angry?

· Do you feel like quitting life?

· Do you feel like you can’t break your bad habits or stronghold over your life (drugs, alcohol, sexual addictions, etc.)?

· Are you stuck in unforgiveness?

I love the following quotes and riddle:

“You can’t get clean just looking at the shower”

“You don’t have to clean up before you take a shower.”

Just like our lives. When you do NOT take action, have direction, and chase your true purpose, you can often find yourself living in a whirlwind of drama, emptiness, brokenness, frustration, trials and challenges. Yet when you live a life filled with purpose, principles, and values, you are able to live a life of balance in alignment with in truth of who you were made to be.

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