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The path before you...

This is the perfect time to put off your old self so that you can be made new. It is the perfect time to take an inventory of your life and to reflect on where you've been and where you are going.

Without direction and purpose, it is easy to get wrapped up in the drama and challenges of life. When you decide to live by principles and values it changes everything. You can make a choice about where you want to be. When you take an inventory of your life, you can assess where you've been and take positive and deliberate action towards a future that is in alignment with your purpose. We call this a LifeMap Blueprint.

One of the most important places to start is with your belief about who you think you are.

Messages and beliefs about ourselves are formed by our environments. I was raised with domestic violence as a way of life, and I have very vivid memories of my mom being beaten and my brother and I running out of the house to go find a neighbor to call the police. That environment taught me that relationships are not safe, it molded me and showed me that I must be independent. In many ways it protected me and made me strong and at the same time, it can be limiting because I can feel disconnected from people and wonder about who they really are behind closed doors. I have a hard time trusting.

Experiences like this, or possibly like what you've been through didn't teach us about who we are in the eyes of God. Those kind of life experiences don't provide a foundation of strength and wisdom or teach us about our identity in Him so that we can live a life of peace, purpose or generosity. It was the opposite for me, and maybe it was for you too?

And, that wasn't His, God's fault. He gave us dominion over our thoughts and we are able to choose. He even tells us what taking the right path looks like. He teaches us about right and wrong, he warns us of evils and deceptions and guides us to live in a way that honors ourselves and others. It's actually pretty amazing, and for someone who did not grow up with this as a foundation, it's liberating and quite beautiful.

If by chance you did grow up with a Religious or Spiritual foundation, and your childhood was a good one, I'm so happy for you. You probably have a gift of your own that the world needs and getting clarity and direction or writing it all out so that you can begin to take positive and deliberate action is where you are? We are always growing, learning, and teaching depending on where we are on our life path. In any case, it is the perfect time for new beginnings.

52 Lessons for a more empowered life and a deeper relationship with God

Lesson 1 Life Inventory & LifeMap Blueprint Lesson 2 Above the Line Thinking Lesson 3 Breaking the Chains of Bondage Lesson 4 SMART Goals for the Authentic You Lesson 5 Your Relationship with Your Word Lesson 6 Understanding Motivations Lesson 7 Authentic Listening Lesson 8 Experiencing Deep Forgiveness Lesson 9 Defining My Integrity Lesson 10 A Sacred Commitment with Yourself Lesson 11 The Power of Words Lesson 12 The Words We Use Lesson 13 A Rule for Communication Lesson 14 Not Taking Things Personally Lesson 15 Conscious Compassion Lesson 16 Returning to Your Vision Lesson 17 Connection Over Controversy​

Lesson 18 A Lesson In Leadership Lesson 19 Understanding the 3R's Lesson 20 Assuming and Story Writing Lesson 21 Notice What You're Noticing Lesson 22 Relationships - Authentic Exploration Lesson 23 Connection Over Controversy Lesson 24 Conscious Conversations Lesson 25 Mindful Communication Lesson 26 Perfect Self-Expression Lesson 27 Becoming the Witness Lesson 28 Discipline and Commitment Lesson 29 Restoration and Transformation Lesson 30 Effective Use of Time Lesson 31 Commit and Recommit Lesson 32 Defining Success Lesson 33 Self-Care starts with God and Me Lesson 34 Self Awareness Assessment

Lesson 35 Tools for Transformation Lesson 36 Healthy Boundaries Lesson 37 The Right Questions Lesson 38 Your Empowered Self Lesson 39 Believe It to See It Lesson 40 Leaving Your Contribution Lesson 41 In Service to Others Lesson 42 Giving and Receiving Lesson 43 Mindfulness - Staying the Course Lesson 44 Radical Inclusion Lesson 45 Intentional Living Lesson 46 Practicing the Pause Lesson 47 What You Declare Lesson 48 Your Next Step Lesson 49 A Message for You Lesson 50 Your New Vision Lesson 51 Playing Win/Win Lesson 52 Keep Growing

Lead yourself and your family with purpose

The "My Agreements with Me for Believers" workbook is an incredible resource and tool. Each lesson includes a values principle that serves as a foundation for learning as well as Bible scripture which will give context and meaning to the principles of the Word, so that they can be applied to your life. Also included are Explanations as to what each lesson means, why it's important and how it will impact your life.

In each lesson you will be prompted with questions that will invite you to examine and explore different areas of your life to gain insight and direction and Belief Builders which will enrich your experience, develop your self-awareness and strengthen your character-

and your relationship with yourself and your family.

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